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The management team has over 35 years of collective experience in the field of fund raising to the SMEs, Emerging Corporates and Corporates houses both debt and equity.

The management team has 3 brainstormed professionals, who nested a financial services company to serve south based entrepreneurs, promoters and company with the strong fund raising & structuring skills. The team motto is to provide fruitful services to their clients with best of industry knowledge in international location by maintaining a deep-rooted relationship with lenders fraternity.

At the helm of affairs are 3 experts who have taken up the reigns of the organization in their capable hands. This team has got a mix of creating and accumulating business acquisition execution capabilities, structuring abilities, propositions to deal closures, maintaining good and ethical relationship with lenders & financial institution and sustaining the multifarious Client Relationship and implementation of Management Advisory Services.

The entire team is involved in the making strategic decisions for each and every client in the attempt to fit custom built solutions as per the industry standard.

The team is headed by the astute head of the financial circuit who is the CEO of V-GRO and with his other two directors and advisory board involved in all the vital decisions that go towards the making of the project into a soundproof and foolproof approach to the projected strategy and implementation.

The dual headed committee of the working group of financial wizards as also the company executive at whose helm stands the CEO, ever alert and ever vigilant for all the market trends sweeping across the global financial scene.